Aug Results Lewisville
1st PlaceLynn S & Yarik M14.45lbs
2nd PlaceBill W & Blake D10.98lbs
3rd PlaceBill B & Crystal B10.34lbs
Big BassBill W6.32lbs
Heavy StringerBlake D8.27lbs


Next Meeting              

The next meeting will be at 54th Street restaurant in The Colony on Sept 7th at 7pm.  See you there. If you are traveling, join us on zoom

Jersey Orders

We have some great Jersey options. You need to get your order placed before Sept 2nd. That is only a few weeks away. The prices are only guaranteed at this low rate with our club order (one Jersey will cost you one third of what the club paid for the first Jersey order years ago).  As a reminder, the process is

  1. You place your order by going to TCBC web site and clicking on club apparel
  2. You will receive an email from an officer asking you to verify your order.
  3. You will reply via email with a confirmation of your order
  4. You will then pay via PayPal or check at the next meeting
  5. The orders will be submitted together in September.

IF YOU HAVE ORDERED AND NOT RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, please submit your order again. There was an issue at the beginning of the order process and some were not recorded. Don’t assume you are on the list if you haven’t completed the above first 4 steps.

Fishing License

It is time to buy another fishing license. The 2022-2023 licenses just went on sale. Don’t get stopped by the game warden in Sept with your old one.


Trolling Motor Maintenance

There are some steps offered by Minn Kota to keep your trolling motor running like new. A little bit of TLC goes a long way in keeping this important fishing tool in good condition.

  1. Clean prop of weeds and fishing lines. It is easy to remove your prop and get the materials behind it cleaned. If line stays there long enough, it can damage the seal and allow in water.
  2. When you remove the prop, make sure that the prop Pin is not bent. Rocks and stumps can cause internal damage and these are easy to replace.
  3. Clean the Trolling motor, especially after a trip to salt water
  4. Lubricate – after cleaning the trolling motor, it is recommended that you lubricate the shaft. Using a water-based spray like Silicon Spray will make for easier deployment and rotation
  5. Tighten Mounting Bolts – the hard trips across rough water and banging stumps can cause vibrations which could impact your bolt torque
  6. Check the battery connections. Make sure they are tight and clear of corrosion. This will ensure better charge to the batter and easier recharging.
  7. Check and change your trolling motor batteries when due. You can wait until your charge only lasts for half of a tournament or take one out and get it tested. It is good to make sure your onboard charger is working well.
  8. Trolling motor cable management – Using zip ties and/or PET expandable braided sleeving are easy and cheap ways to clean up any excess cables you may have near your trolling motor.
  9. Steering Cable Tension Adjustment – Cable Steer Motors Only.  For those with cable steer motors, checking periodically for cable wear and occasional adjustment
  10. Weedless prop performance – some blades are better designed to provide weed free operation, but they it is necessary to keep the blade edges smooth to continue to cut through the hydrilla.

Meeting Minutes:       July 2022 – TCBC Meeting

meeting start 7:00

– introduced guests

                Safe Harbor Marina (Pier 121)

                                Live bait program at fuel doc now


                                Weigh in for 8/12 tournament

                                future discussions on Kid Fish option

– Business

                Fun N Sun:  Teams to be announced and given to Blake for application

                weekend of the 17th

– Jersey update

                Emb Junction increased their sponsoship level

                talked though the ordering process

                orders submitted by 9/2.  confirmed and paid by 9/9

– Points in standing changed

                the bylaws and points calculated didnt match

                the bylaws state points drop by 5 for top 6 and then drop by two after that

                the standings have been changed to reflect

– July Tournament results covered

– Lewisville tournament

                – weigh in at Pier 121 marina (at restaurant)

                – side pot 50/50

                – 11 pm to 8am

                – state regs for all

– draw for door prizes

– motion to close 7:40 and seconded