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David Blackstock

Member since: 1997
Hometown: The Colony, 30 + years
Favorite Lake: Sam Rayburn
Favorite Technique: Texas rig, modified
Biggest Bass: 9.58 lbs. Lewisville

Fishing Accomplishments: President 3+ times, Program director 3 times, TCBC: 5 time, Angler of the Year, 5 time +, Top Six, 2 time Big Bass jackpot winner, Bridgeport, 2011 $1600.00,   Bonham, 2016 $ 2100.00, FLW All American Top Ten finish (9th out of 49) with TV exposure. Florence, Al, What I like about the club – Meeting new people and getting to know them.  Learning new techniques and being able to teach others the art of fishing.

Alonza Brown

Member Since: 2018
Hometown: Williamston , North Carolina
Favorite Lake: Lewisville
Favorite Technique: Crankbait
Biggest Bass: 3.5lbs

Fishing Accomplishments: Joined The Colony Bass Club in 2018. Won Big Bass on Moss Lake in 2018.

Arneil Brown
Program Director

Member Since: 2019
Hometown:   Dallas, Texas
Favorite Lake:  Lake Athens
Favorite Technique: Power Fishing crankbaits & spinners
Biggest Bass: 6.82lbs

Fishing Accomplishments: 1st place 2021 Lake Lewisville, Won Big Bass twice and unfortunately both times I seriously got hurt

Bill Brown

Member Since: 2010 +
Hometown:   The Colony, Texas
Favorite Lake:  Lewisville
Favorite Technique: Swimbait with underspin
Biggest Bass: 7lbs 12oz.

Fishing Accomplishments:   TCBC Angler of the year and 5 times top six

Crystal Brown

Member Since: 2017
Hometown: The Colony, Tx
Favorite Lake: Lewisville or Athens
Favorite Technique: Texas Rig
Biggest Bass: 5lbs

Fishing Accomplishments: 2017, 2018 female angler of the year, 2018 top 6

Blake Deihl


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Chris Demiglio

Member Since: 2019
Hometown: Denton, TX
Favorite Lake: Pat Mayse
Favorite Technique: Popping Frog
Biggest Bass: 8.5lbs

Yarik Malyuta

Member Since: 2003
Hometown: Hurst, Tx
Favorite Lake: Athens
Favorite Technique: Wacky works and shaky heads
Biggest Bass: 8lbs

Fishing Accomplishments:

Jerry Miller

Member Since:  2020
Hometown:  Mckinney, Tx
Favorite Lake:  Athens
Favorite Technique:  Carolina rig, fluke, and wacky rig
Biggest Bass:  6.15lbs Lake Ray Hubbard
Fishing Accomplishments:  Learning how to fish with plastics.

Micah Olivares

Member Since: 2019
Hometown: El Paso Texas
Favorite Lake:  Ray Roberts
Favorite Technique: Finesse
Biggest Bass: 8.32lbs
DaShon Peck

Member Since: 2016
Hometown:   Dallas, Texas
Favorite Lake:  Belton
Favorite Technique: Finesse
Biggest Bass: 8.57lbs

Fishing Accomplishments: Texas Anglers Bass Club Sportsman of the Year Award 2014 | The Colony Bass Club Top 6 Award: 2017, 2018, 2019 2020 & 2021 | Heavy Stringer Lake Roberts  2017 | Heavy Stringer Moss Lake 2018 | 1st Place Richland Chambers 2018 | Big Bass Richland Chambers 2018 | Big Bass Lake Palestine 2019 | Big Bass Lake Bob Sandlin 2019 | 1st Place TCBC CLASSIC 2019 | 79th out of 270 Fishing For Freedom 2019 | 1st Place Texoma 2020 | Heavy Stringer Texoma 2020 | Big Bass Texoma  8.57lbs 2020 | Toyota Texas Share 8+ Lunker Class | 3rd Place Lake O’ The Pine’s Solo 2021 | 3rd Jim Chapman Solo  2021 | 1st Place Fork 2021 | 2nd Lewisville 2021 | Heavy Stringer Lewisville 2021 | 2nd Lewisville (Gabe Romo Memorial) |  2nd Bob Sandlin Classic | President – TCBC 2021 | Pioneered B.A.S.S. Affiliation for TCBC

Rusty Prater

Member Since: 2022
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Favorite Lake: Benbrook Lake
Favorite Technique: Finesse
Biggest Bass: 11lb 3oz.
-Founder of BassGrabbers Tournament Trails in 2011
-2012 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails Rookie of the Year
-2014 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails Angler of the Year
-2016, 2017, & 2020 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails Team Anglers of the Year
-2020 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails Big Bass Battle Title Belt Champion
-2021 BassGrabbers Tournament Trails 1vs1 Title Belt Champion
-2022 current BassGrabbers Tournament Trails 1vs1 Title Belt Champion.
Lynn Schmidt
Vice President

Member Since: 2005
Hometown: McKinney, Tx
Favorite Lake: Texoma
Favorite Technique: “Honey, where is my super fluke”
Biggest Largemouth Bass: 9lb 2oz

Fishing Accomplishments:

Todd Starr

Member Since: 2019
Hometown:   Grandview, Texas
Favorite Lake:  Wherever the boat is going
Favorite Technique: Finesse Senko, Fluke, Pitching Jig
Biggest Bass: 8.81lbs Lake Fork 2022

Fishing Accomplishments:  Learning to pitch a jig and catching my all time largest bass on the same day

Ben Thiranon

Member since:
Favorite Lake:
Favorite Technique:
Biggest Bass:

Fishing Accomplishments:

Fritz Torrey

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Bill Wookey

Member Since: 2016
Hometown: California
Favorite Lake: Moss & Athens
Favorite Technique:
Biggest Bass: 10.5lbs.

Fishing Accomplishments:

Jerry Young

Member Since: 2021
Hometown: Dallas, Tx
Favorite Lake: Lake Fork
Favorite Technique: Crankbaits
Biggest Bass: 8lb 6oz

Fishing Accomplishments: 3rd place – Lewisville (2021), Big Bass – Classic @ Bob Sandlin / Cypress Springs (2021), 2nd place – Welsh (2022), What I like about the club – Friendly competition amongst friends.